Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Pre-Conference Workshop Day: Tuesday, September 17

Consumer Education & Product Differentiation Workshop Day

Explore novel strategies to differentiate your products and educate consumers about the burgeoning skin microbiome cosmeceutical market. Learn from success stories, market trend forecasts, and topic experts to gain insights into effectively launching and marketing your products.

9:00 am Workshop A: How Much do Consumers Care About their Skin Microbiomes? Increasing Awareness & Educating Consumers on Cutting-Edge Skin Microbiome Research

  • Andrew Bartko Executive Director - Center of Microbiome Innovation, University of California San Diego


This workshop will focus on increasing awareness & educating consumers on cutting-edge skin microbiome research. This session will help you benchmark the baseline knowledge of the consumer population, so you can tailor your education strategy. We will discuss how to best communicate the benefit of your products and the common pitfalls of new microbiome product developers. This session will give you the opportunity to collaborate with other leaders in the skin microbiome community to assess the challenges in communicating the benefits of a balanced microbiome, and the potential harms of skin dysbiosis. Watch a short talk then discuss potential strategies associated with educating the consumer about their skin microbiome:

  • How to make your science known: communicating evidence-backed information regarding commensal microbes to reframe the narrative surrounding skin microbes to emphasize their role in skin health.
  • How to transparently communicate specific skin-health needs: Investigating the consumers understanding of microbiome testing results, skin types, & microbiome diversity.
  • How to make bacteria popular: Interpreting consumer trust in the microbiome industry & taking lessons from the gut microbiome sector to combat the stigma against skin bacteria in a germophobic society.

12:00 pm Networking Lunch Break

1:00 pm Workshop B: Understanding your Audience to Leverage the Relationship between the Skincare Market & Social Media


This session will be a deeper dive into consumer education, discussing the role of social media in educating consumers about novel skin-care breakthroughs. We will explore directing market trends, and how to utilize this to generate successful products. Throughout this workshop you will analyse different social media strategies to differentiate your product in the market, drive cross platform engagement, and utilize all tools at your disposal. This session will discuss:

  • Why some things go viral: Identifying the drivers of successful social media strategies with high engagement and what contributes to the success of a campaign.
  • How to find the right tool for the job: Investigating TikTok, Instagram, X & Facebook tonadapt your content design based on platform to maximise your marketing budget & click-through rate.
  • How to maximise your IP: Discussing product variations and broad vs niche appeal product differentiation strategies.

4:00 pm End of Pre-Conference Workshop Day