"The field is still emerging and as more projects enter into both early development as well as late stage clinical development learnings of feasible ways for regulatory and market approval as well as clinical acceptability are generated, I want to learn from and contribute to the community."

Evelina Vågesjö, CEO & Co-Founder, Ilya Pharma

"Taking part in this meeting is very interesting for us to improve our knowledge of the skin microbiota, and understand the issues we can have when we are working on this thematic. It’s also important to have some new tools or new identified partners to help us in our research."

Joan Attia, Global R&D Director, IFF – Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

"I look forward to connecting with leaders in the space and gauging our efforts against the rest of the field."

Jay Tiesman, Research Fellow, Genomic Group Leader, Procter & Gamble

"A good way of connecting to leaders in the skin microbiome space, hearing the latest scientific and commercial developments, and developing collaborations."

Cheri Ackerman, CEO, Concerto Biosciences

"Skin microbiome research is an emerging research field with important industrial applications, for both pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes. The skin microbiome represents a novel platform for therapy. Skin microbiome manipulations is a relatively new given and offer exciting and new therapeutic applications."

Chris Callewaert, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, Ghent University

"I’m excited to keep abreast of the latest trends and research in the skin microbiome space, networking and finding opportunities to collaborate with others and showcase our innovation and progresses to the skincare innovation community."

Yug Varma, CEO, Phyla

"This meeting represents a unique opportunity to connect with peers in the skin microbiome space, and learn from the best in-class across the R&D chain."

Philippe Calais, President & CEO, MatriSys Bioscience

"The consumer demands a cleaner, safer, and more personalized beauty regimen that not only enhances aesthetics but provides a feeling of wellness. Beauty and personal care brands that understand the importance of providing and marketing microbiome-friendly products will lead in the year’s ahead."

Denise Herich, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, The Benchmarking Company

"I love networking with people from different spaces; you can meet someone with a background in the microbiome space and a science background… and you are just as likely to meet someone with a background in marketing and product or regulatory!
Great to hear what the current challenges are in terms of launching products, regulatory, and the science."

Nicole Scott, CEO & Founder, Cybele Microbiome

"A great opportunity to learn on state of the art advancements in the field."

Assaf Oron, CBO, BiomX

"Share knowledge relating to regulatory limitations and safety of products when developing personal care products containing live bacteria and recommend other alternatives to maintain safety and the compliance."

Kausar Malik, Sr. Principal Research Scientist, Amway