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We offer end-to-end microbiome science solutions from discovery through clinical validation: short- and long-read DNA sequencing, metabolomics, RNA sequencing, multi-omics analysis and systems biology expertise. Pipelines are supported by CLIA-certified & ICH-GCP compliant NGS, metabolomic, and bioinformatics solutions. Access results via the CosmosID-HUB – a user-friendly cloud software for metagenomic and comparative analysis – or through customized reports. Bioinformatic pipelines enable clonal-level resolution, engraftment analysis correlated to phenotypes, and in-silico strain screens that de-risk selection and reduce development time.


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Therapeutics, Inc

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Built upon 25 years of category-specific experience, we are dedicated to elevating the standard of dermatology drug development with clarity, collaboration and insight.  Therapeutics, Inc., the dermatology CRO authority, navigates the complex maze of non-clinical, clinical and regulatory hurdles to deliver integrated, turnkey solutions built for your unique requirements, from concept to commercialization.


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